Dr. Martens x Rick Owens Second Drop

spirit of independence and a champion of energetic non-conformity. Rick Owens has been subverting expectations since the early 90s — a rise that coincides with Dr. Martens own grunge renaissance. A shared history of vitality and rebellion forms the foundation for the second part of the Dr. Martens x Rick Owens collaboration. Back in March, we released a distorted version of our 1460 Bex platform silhouette, adorned with Owens’ Pentagram lacing — and now it’s back in a flexible Pearl Hi Suede. Tonal 2.5-metre laces call to Owens’ dark-glam drapery, intercut with our rugged, hard-hitting Bex sole. The combination of our iconic 1460 silhouette and Owens’ elaborate detailing has produced a boot with primal, punk swagger and wearable flexibility. Renowned for a refinement that unlocks the rock-and-roll attitude at the heart of gender-fluid clothing — nearly 30 years of trademark defiance make Owens the ideal partner to reimagine our utilitarian silhouettes.