New launch: Adidas x 032c

Earlier this month the Berlin based media and fashion brand 032c launched their Spring/Summer 2021 032c READYTOWEAR collection: “SYSTÈME DE LA MODE.” Seeking to challenge conventions of use and design, this latest season from 032c READYTOWEAR proposes a linguistics of clothing, considering fashion as language and garments as signs, with each piece carrying multiple meanings. Expanding on concepts of adaptability and environmental awareness, the garments are not only multifunctional but also respond directly to their surroundings, thanks to new advancements in material technology including UV and heat sensitive prints, chameleonic fabrics, and reflective and luminescent features. Expanding on SYSTÈME DE LA MODE and the two labels’ ongoing collaborative partnership, adidas and 032c introduce two new silhouettes: the 032c GSG TR sneaker and the 032c GSG Mule.

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