Matthew Williams’ Debut

Last year, Givenchy announced 34-year designer Matthew Williams as their pick for the new Creative Director of the house following the departure of Claire Weight Keller . Williams, most known for the success of his streetwear brand Alyx and his affiliation in working closely with designers Virgil Abloh & Kanye West, for his debut collection : Spring Summer 2021 , decided to revamp the brand, mixing some of his favourite qualities with some key qualities of the brand. The collection was eagerly awaited by many, and at the heart of it was hardware. Inspired by the locks hung on the bridges of Paris by tourist lovers, the designer created a collection that emphasised the use of heavy jewellery which in some way holds similarity to his approach with his own brand Alyx. “It’s no secret that I’m really into hardware, and that’s what I lay the foundation with when I start a new project. It comes into shoes, bags, clothing,” he explained to Vogue. In a successful attempt to amplify the bond between elegance and streetwear the designer also. played with the fabric choices and their usage by creating both industrial and elegant garments out of unexpected fabrics. From mushroom shaped slides, to black leather boots, croc leather bags and phone cases, bags with giant locks, caps with metal horns among others. Needless to say , accessories played a major part in the collection , as they have in all of Williams’ past collections. The message for his debut collection was entirely clear, it was the creation of a new woman who was fun and up to date with all the latest trends , but never at the expense of elegance.