A collection that’s too good to miss

Just in time for Spring, German shoe company has partnered with British brand Toogood for the creation of a collection titled #BirkenstockToogood which seamlessly merges the qualities of both brands. The collection features a selection of three unisex sandal styles — the Forager , the Mudlark and the Beachcomber, that were all inspired by the idea of objects trouvés — fragments of the past unearthed for collection and display. The Birkenstock x Toogood collection doesn’t only include footwear but also comes with a complementary capsule of workwear and accessories on the same themes of unisex silhouettes and sculptural forms. The palette ranges from black, white and grey with sparks of yellow and hints of bold prints that are reworked into the collection. “To collaborate with such an iconic brand as Birkenstock has been an incredibly rewarding experience and one that marks an important moment in Toogood’s growth. For me, Birkenstock represents comfort and timeless, recognisable, sculptural form - all qualities I admire and strive for. Talking with Mr. Reichert, I found we shared so many values from high quality materials to manufacture. The opportunity to extend our partnership beyond shoes to clothing and a bed, brought a truly holistic approach to the design of the collections, reflecting the way I think and work – without boundaries,” explained Faye Toogood. The final branch of the collection sees the introduction of an actual bed designed by the duo , bringing the worlds walking and standing to lying and sleeping. The full collection will officially launch in April, and will be available worldwide thereafter.