Post-Pandemic Fashion

The year 2020 can surely be counted as a major moment for a boom in the sense of community, and although things might have so often seemed dire, Acne Studios Creative Director Jonny Johansson chose to see things through a fairly positive lens for the SS21 collection. His outlook was centred around the idea of a collective spiritual rebirth following the lockdown.
“It feels like a transition to something more positive. I’m very optimistic about what’s happening. I feel positive. I spent more time with myself and my family, and just in the studio with people. It’s been a less stressful period, although the stress has come from somewhere else. I’ve been quite happy, actually, although I know that sounds weird,” he commented. The collection told the story of an almost cult like spiritual rebirth, that reflected the concept of the collective moving towards the light. It included metallic and shiny textures that were paired with raw materials such as washed linens , and crinkled paper, that when styled together created a storyline that spoke of hope as much as it did despair. It gives a vision of the wardrobe of a post pandemic woman and man where their robes and pyjamas are simply traded in for a more stylish , refined version, with intricate cuts and oversized fits — with a strong prioritisation of comfort, without sacrificing style.