il Duomo Welcomes Golden Goose

21 years ago, Venetian creatives founded the brand Golden Goose in an attempt to blend qualities of both American and Italian culture by way of footwear. Through time, the brand has become known for their unique trainers that carry a worn aesthetic which they have interpreted as a show of love and authenticity. The brand itself was named after Aesop’s tale ‘The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs’, the label considers the Japanese concept of kintsukuroi, where pottery is repaired with lacquer mixed with gold, silver or platinum, becoming more beautiful with damage, use and wear.
“We Have a firm will to preserve traditional craft, making it of the moment, channeling the warmth of the artisanal hand through perfect imperfections. The way we treat surfaces is our signature. We like things that are lived in, distressed, touched with life. In our family, we want everything to be as non-perfect as possible. Life is not perfect. We inject life into what we do,” reads their manifesto. Each season the brand presents new ways of re-interpreting this creed with high quality sneakers that echo the message by breathing life and creativity into each product.