Energetic Beauty

IIt’s no secret that in light of the current pandemic that runway shows are currently a factor of the fashion equation that is out of the question for many. In creating his SS21 collection, Dries Van Noten kept this in mind and instead, created a collection that was built with the intention of being shown through a photoshoot or film. In doing so, he presented the men’s & women’s collection together with qualities that when shot, highlights the subtle beauties and intricacies of the garments. “We wanted to work around beauty that evokes energy—not one that makes you dream or linger on things that are past, which makes you nostalgic. It had to push you to the future, to give energy,” he explained. For the collection the designer was also inspired by the early work of New Zealand artist Len Lye, who was known for his experimental techniques of painting on celluloid film. For this, Van Noten worked closely with the Len Lye Foundation to develop prints that are seen throughout the collection. These prints follow the same storyline of evoking energy through colour and form and they range from sunshine and moons , lights bars , palm trees , and psychedelic suns which are printed a sewn into shirts, dresses, bathing suits & sweaters, many of which can be worn by either men or women.