il Duomo Welcomes CP Company

Italian label C.P Company, originally named Chester Perry brand was founded by Massimo Osti — who many regard as the godfather of sportswear — in 1971. The brand was created with a focus on technological materials and a subtly non-conformist yet stylish interpretation of the classic functional men’s wardrobe. “For more than 45 years we have continued to pioneer our signature hybridization of archival military, work and sportswear models, combining them with intensely researched, cutting-edge, Italian fabric innovation. This fabric innovation has also been heightened by the use of garment dyeing, a technique C.P. Company was the first in the world to develop in the mid 1970s, in which fully-finished garments made from multiple fabric and fiber are dyed as a final step, producing clothing with unique chromatic richness and tone-on-tone subtlety,” they explained. In the present day , the brand continues to offer a variation of high quality technical fabrics that are all crafted in a way that is not at the expense of style, as each piece seems to take on its own personality for life within the wardrobe. >