A Communal Spirit of Girlhood

Mrs. Prada’s SS21 collection for Miu Miu was aimed to focus on the effects the pandemic has been taking on the world’s youth. While a huge part of the lives of teens and tweens would be sports, parties, school / job interviews , each of which would likely have their respective attire, for many, the pandemic has reduced this to sweat suits and pyjamas by way of Zoom and FaceTime. In creating this collection , the creative director aimed at reminding her audience of the beauty that lives in girlhood, regardless of the conflicting circumstances the world is currently in. By shaping the collection around youth, she inevitably awoke an essence of uniformity that lives in the collective wardrobe of young women. This included a range suspended between the extremes of the casualty of a summer party to the formality of a prom event. “The reason why people dress is sometimes to please, sometimes to be sexy, sometimes to be socially relevant, sometimes for a job. The way you present yourself—the clothes are important because they define you in a second. Clothes are a tool for that message — the first spectator of yourself is you,” she explained. The collection included touched on a formal note with micro skirts, kitten-heeled tennis shoes, bowling jackets, cropped tops, plaid skirts, Vichy skirts and shorts and then extended towards a formal direction with halter neck tops , dresses and leather jackets.