Dress for Yourself

In creating Balenciaga’s Pre-Spring collection Creative Director Demna Gvasalia found it essential to reflect the times in a way that spoke to the fashion industry’s hiatus as a result of the pandemic. He created a collection that went against the industry’s demand for newness by tapping into the brand’s archive of archetypes and using what they had to piece things together. Balenciaga staples like tracksuits , hoodies, graphic tees, oversized coats, parkas and logo denim took centre stage as he aimed to prove a point that one doesn’t always need newness to survive.

“Fashion has become a race, running after novelty, and more and more. And here we did the opposite. We looked at what we have and asked what we can do with it so it looks different for the customer,” he explained.

In doing this, he acknowledged the current circumstances of lockdown and not being able to go out and therefore invited the customer to get dressed in a way that satisfied them personally.

“In this lockdown we understood what’s important for people who like fashion and like to dress up: You do it for yourself first and foremost” he continued, “I thought, I don’t have to make an effort to make my look every morning, but then I started getting depressed. When I started to dress up every morning, it changed my whole mood, I started to feel good about myself. This is the task that fashion has, to bring this excitement or goodness to the person wearing it. That’s the least we can do.”