Dior and Shawn

Dior’s Fall Winter 2020 collection was done in collaboration with artist Shawn Stüssy dubbed Dior And Shawn. The collection which first debuted in December 2019 launched earlier this year in June, and is centred around Shawn Stüssy’s work as an artist. He reinterpreted the Dior house logo and bee which appears on v-neck sweaters, wool berets and graphic t-shirts. The Stüssy aesthetic was sewn into the seams all throughout the collection in camp shirts and other pieces. Other versions of his artwork make visible appearances in polo shirts, accessories and t-shirts which are given the iconic Dior motif with a special twist by the artist. Kim Jones is a creative director known for the birth of iconic once in a lifetime collaboration like the Supreme x LV collection done in 2011, and this occasion is no different. Many pieces from the selection are already covered, not only by streetwear lovers , but by high fashion lovers in general. The Dior Stussy collection is currently available in stores only.