Blurring all boundaries

Following the announcement of the collaboration earlier this year, the JW Anderson collection for Moncler has finally been released today. JW Anderson’s take on Moncler was crafted with a central focus on architecture with notions of defying gender barriers through the medium of fashion. Each piece from the Moncler Genius collection is created from a selection of his iconic archive designs that are inflated and given a classic Moncler twist. The collection includes pieces like the Riviera hat, ruffled shorts redesigned with a duvet to create alternative silhouettes. Gender lines are blurred as boundaries between womenswear and menswear are non-existent. Anderson creates a world of zip-up blouses with padded zip-pullers, padded scarves, wide-brim hats and shorts that create a playful story hand-in-hand with a palette of colours including red, light blue, yellow, pink, black, white and navy blue. The styling of each look ranges from a classic countryside aesthetic to a more buttoned up city direction, offering variety not only in terms of gender but also occasions with separates that can be easily mixed and matched. The Moncler JW Anderson collection is currently available in stores and online.