The line of futuristic footwear

Raf Simons’ latest release for the Fall/Winter 2020 season features a brand new line of sportswear-inspired & facilitating footwear called Raf Simons (RUNNER). Designed and created by the designer and his house , the collection features seven completely new futuristic styles for a wide range of occasions, ranging from those that are more sporty , to those that have a more elegant touch , to even those for one with a more artistic outlook. All of which are born from the typical silhouettes of sports sneakers that are challenged and re-proposed and redone in different colourways. In their creation each of the seven new models are given a name which best describes them : SOLARIS, ANTEI, CYLON, ORION & 2001.  As the house shifts its focus on natural materials, leather & suede take centerstage as the main medium, which are on molded heel forms mark out the range, alongside technical innovations and strong colour that are two of the manifold signatures of RAF SIMONS .The Raf Simons (RUNNER) line will soon be available in stores and online IL DUOMO.