For the past few months, Moncler Genius has been known for platforming and exploring new horizons with a myriad of creative voices of the fashion industry, allowing them the freedom of giving their take on Moncler. The house’s latest release features London-born award winning menswear designer Craig Green who has been tapped for technical and imaginative vision that is often known to push practicality to an abstract edge. For his collection , Green decided to task himself with the challenge of only working with one material: micro rip-stop nylon. In doing so, he invested his focus on security and protection, echoing the notion of building an armour around the body by transforming 2D clothing into 3D forms. Throughout this exploration of transparency, he uses bright colours of pink, light blue, green , red and yellow, with a series of pieces in graphic black and white , with printed outlines of key Moncler shapes resemblant of a padded sheet when on the rack. Other iconic Moncler shapes were also explored in jackets and duvets complemented by transparent sneakers that pay homage to the house’s heritage, while remaining true to his technical creativity.