Moncler Genius’ latest initiative is a forum that calls on a symposium of young designers, giving voice to personal creativity by allowing them to give their unique take on Moncler. We’ve all seen the infamous collections from Richard Quinn, Craig Green among others. Each one has its own specific launch date ensuring a facilitation of personal expression throughout several launches. The latest one to join the initiative is designer Hiroshi Fujiwara. The creative uses a subtle minimalistic approach to design to create what he calls a new standard. With references of vintage, military, urban and tech, strum together with a keen sensibility of a unique cultural agitator, the designer creates a collection of special and unique pieces. Each piece is accompanied by a cheeky slogan which is plastered on puffers, field jackets, windbreakers & parkas . The central slogan for this collection spells FRAGMENT LOVES MOUNTAIN on several pieces including nylon jackets. The collection is composed of a variety oF different collabs, including British leather specialist Lewis Leathers who helped in the crafting versions of their iconic biker jacket; bomber jackets with cover art from Kool & the Gang’s Spirit of the Boogie among others . Other features of the collection include canvas bags, a collaboration with Converse as the Chuck Taylor is offered in two inverse colorways.