A Summertime Adventure

his season creative director Nicky Zimmermann drew from her memories as a teenager for inspiration for Zimmermann’s SS20 collection. We all know that all too familiar feeling around June after a long school year when you’re just counting down for that bell to ring to signal the beginning of summer. They sing about it in films and portray in movies, and this season Zimmermann pulled on her personal memories of these particular feelings of teen angst, as a young girl growing up in the suburbs of Sydney Australia. She pictured those final days before holiday where one would dream up all the outfits they’d be wearing the coming summer, and from this she created a collection that was exuberant with a level of excitement that only one who’s young at heart could sum up. With a lineup of beach which bohemian looks she created a fun-filled summer narrative that included tiered ruffles, pouf sleeves, short hemlines, and new series of floral prints that were featured on maxi skirts, crop tops , bathing suits & strapless dresses . The collection is a flirtatious take on a crossover between the prairie girl aesthetic and a bohemian chic style, which is perfect for a holiday on any coastline and exactly the type of thing any young woman would be dreaming to wear on her summertime escapades.