Countdown to summer series #1

Vacationing in the Maldives, the Caribbean or Sicily or on any coastline at that, is a pleasure we all share and look forward to indulging in, especially after months of being cooped up at home. However it is a known fact that the majority of time spent preparing for these vacations is spent selecting which outfits to pack and which ones to leave behind. Which is why us at IL Duomo are launching a series as we countdown the days to summer vacation to help in making the process run a bit smoother. Our first installation, is of course a highlight of the most important item for summer vacation — the bathing suit. Swimwear is essentially the heart of everyone’s vacation outfits, it’s why some spend hours in the gym all year round as they sculpt themselves into their ideal shapes to be able to show it off by the pool or at the beach. We’ve prepared a list of our top 15 swimsuits, with a variety for all body types, both male and female that could work for you. We included in our selection a well rounded range of brands , from swimwear experts La Reveche & Oserre , to more traditionally fashion names like Emilio Pucci , Jacquemus and Tom Ford , to even pieces from street oriented labels like Alyx & Off White, giving you a diverse style palette from which to select the ones that best suit your personal style.