The Harmony of Funk

Sacai designer Chitose Abe took comfort in being inspired by an interpretation of harmony for her SS20 collection. With funk singer songwriter George Clinton as her muse, she crafted a collection that was strongly influenced by the artist’s 1978 ‘One Nation Under A Groove’ album cover as well as his funky eccentric music in general. 

From this, t-shirt were made with similar artwork from the album cover with tropical and vibrantly coloured printed ; ordinary pieces like baggy pants m blouses and trenchcoats were remixed and given modern day twists; classic denim shirts were reinterpreted with coloured panels and other hybrid features and seemingly three pieced looks (shirt, pants & trench) revealed to be actually one pieces. Abe’s collection revolved around exciting aspects of funk culture as she sang the songs of Clinton and other artists of the 70’s movement using tailoring as her medium.