Marni FW19 - A Neuorerotik Escape

For Fall Winter 2019, creative director Francesco Riso welcomed guests into the space filled with dim multi-coloured lighting and speakers as they eagerly waited for the show titled “NEUROEROTIK.” As the name suggests, creative director Francesco Risso envisioned the show to be a fantaerotic escape game. A game based on the themes of sexuality, sensuality and mind play. It was about exploring the possibilities of re-directing the mind to think of alternative body parts and even garments as erogenous zones. As the electric soundtrack from the movie The Shining was cued, each piece from the collection walked with a double meaning, each piece told a story and gave a stimulus to a different conceptualisation of what we know as reality with a primary palette of red, black, oranges, white and hints of rhinestones. From this collection IL Duomo has in store some of the staple pieces from the collection such as a multicoloured printed satin dress, a checkered padded jacket, a net-trimmed midi slip dress and a pixel print midi dress and an iconic detailed venere print dress with all over prints of the female form (50% off). The collection also included some signature accessories which we have in store, such as a pair of golden animal rings, an intricate gold charm bracelet, black pipe-shaped leather boots, mini pannier bucket bags and trunk bags in different colour ways. The woman Risso created with these interesting pieces formed around the themes of sexual liberation and experimentation fruited a line of wardrobe components that is in many ways reflective of the feminist zeitgeist we are currently living in; and one who also proudly embraces her sexuality and is not afraid to dress as such.

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