The Blueprints of An Abandoned Amusement Park

Marcelo Burlon is the Milan based designer with an ever-growing popularity among Italian millennials and Gen Z streetwear enthusiasts. His clientele including a wide range of people from 15 year old boys to rappers , to his very peers in age. Which means each season the designer is faced with the challenge to create innovative collections around concepts that appeal to the masses of his fans. For FW19, for the designer that spark from which departed was the idea of an abandoned amusement park.

This resulted in a collection comprised of looks that seemed as if they had been pulled out of the crowds of a catastrophic jamboree. From faux fur Jackets, to colourful animal prints, glittered bodices, velvet jumpers, leather jackets, painted splashed denim and one coat that even went literal with the words “unlimited rides” painted on its back.

As simple as it might have seemed , each look was a jolt of electricity into the brand’s DNA aimed perfectly at yet again reestablishing its place on the streetwear market.

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