JACQUEMUS - Kendall Jenner Stars in' New Holiday Campaign

The holiday season just got a high-fashion update thanks to Jacquemus, and who better to showcase the festive cheer than the stunning Kendall Jenner? The model brings her trademark allure to the brand’s latest holiday campaign, “GUIRLANDE,” which promises to add a dash of glamour to your festive wardrobe. In the world of Jacquemus, accessories are never an afterthought. The collection features statement pieces like rond-carre hoops, bell pendants, and gold ballerina flats, alongside party-ready black suede boots and silver heels. But, of course, it wouldn’t be a Jacquemus reveal without a nod to their iconic bags. The Chiquito and Bambino arrive in holiday-ready avatars – think full silver leather with shearling trim and deep green velvet paired with gold leather.