An exploration of Youth

Earlier this year designer Miuccia Prada looked to themes of youth, wonder and perversity as the inspiration that sparked Miu Miu’s Fall Winter ’19 collection. The collection that showcased in Paris, was centred around the concept of a the cape, be it, in tweed, crocheted , camouflage or leather. The designer opted to put focus on such a garment because of its historical references towards notions of protection and shelter. From superheroes to medieval figures, Ms. Prada carved her collection around this idea because of her notice of millennials’ desires to clothes themselves into something with meaning.

However although the cape was in abundance in its various shapes and forms, she also continued her story with several others references to youth and strength. This was brought forth in tights adorned with jewels and embroidered flowers, mini skater dresses, floral backpacks and velvet flats. Miuccia Prada often successfully differentiates the personality of her two labels using the forms of gaiety, freedom and heightened femininity to describe her Miu Miu woman. However this year’s Fall Winter collection included a breath of youthfulness that was sprinkled with a hint of rebellion as it spoke to a woman that although wears seemingly frivolous and playful garments, is not to be mistaken for being naive or innocent. These themes were continued throughout the collection’s campaign shot by Eddie Wrey that explored the conversation of youth in the context of an outdoor landscape deep in the countryside of a ranch in Montana, USA.

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