Anatomy of Romance

On tune with the title of their Fall Winter 19 Women’s show. Italian fashion house Prada launches the campaign for their mens and womenswear collections under the name Anatomy of Love.  The campaign honours the inspiration behind each collection which were both sparked by the ideals of romance as a human emotion and an artistic movement.

For the menswear component, designer extraordinaire Miuccia Prada charged towards a more gothic than usual direction for AW19. As guests were invited to the fashion house’s space whose floor was lit by 120 oversized light bulbs, the designer soon revealed the thought behind the collection to have been birthed from the famous gothic tale of Frankenstein written by author Mary Godwin. Prada was fascinated in exploring the grunge-like ‘otherness’ and vulnerability of society’s outcast, whether minorities of monsters. The collection featured several symbols from the story, including shirts and sweaters with lightning bolts circling towards the heart, menswear suiting with triple belting, a few womenswear studded and floral-printed dresses, shoulder padded sweaters backpacks etc.

However, for womenswear the designer extraordinaire opted to shed some light on the more affectionate side of the infamous  story. It explored the relationship between the monster and his bride and spoke to the duality that love has the possibility of carrying. It was an exploration of a turbulent pull one has towards love regardless of the horrific possibilities it may hold. This was a testimony to a woman who was feminine and strong, and who falls in love and gets her heart broken each time, yet always gets back up to try again.  This was brought out with a military-like utilitarian nod which included army green skirts, massive patch pockets, classic black trousers as well as fun features like lace veils and skirts, Frankenstein + Bride printed dresses, mohair fur ear and head muff and mohair fur backpacks.

In the campaign, shot by Willy Vanderperre, all of this is explored within a sense of community in celebration of similar romantic gestures. It celebrates a unison, a love story of the opposites, a tension between man and nature and “acts as a modern metaphor for a coming together of different worlds.”

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