Ever in search of fresh creative perspectives, Moncler Genius has expanded its horizons beyond the fashion world with a landmark new collection by globally celebrated Grammy Award-winning artist, songwriter and entrepreneur Alicia Keys. Keys taps her hometown New York City for inspiration, describing the effortlessly fluid collection as “Cool, easy, 100% New York – inspired by late ’90s streetwear, but with a twist.” Brush-stroked lyrics on the reverse of jersey pieces link back to Keys’ anthem, Empire State of Mind: an ode to NYC as the iconic concrete jungle ‘where dreams are made of’. Color is key, with bold co-ords in bright coral and Keys’ signature purple. Color-blocked green, black, and yellow echo the Jamaican flag. Bleached denim sports flashes of tonal nylon laqué are presented in playful proportions: oversized and flared below; shrunken and cropped up top. Nonchalant tracksuits meet feminine poise, with crystals adding stage presence to cropped halter tops and tees. More iconic outerwear styles come in a range of weights and lengths, including a full-length metallic silver parka and oversized hooded down jacket, featuring the specially designed Statue of Liberty crown logo. A teal vest and windbreaker combine street art edge with artisan craftsmanship, each piece having been painted by hand. Alicia’s graphic twist on the Moncler logo plays out on accessories, which include coffee cup holders, nylon bucket hats, and baseball caps to top off looks designed to make the most of every New York minute.