DIESEL SS23 - Denim, utilitywear, pop, and extravaganza

Denim, utility-wear, pop, and extravaganza were the four most important ingredients for Glenn Martens in the creation of Diesel’s Spring Summer 2023 collection. Each of these takes on a different meaning and represents something else throughout the collection. There is the element of distressing where there are pieces that appear “ruined” or imperfect through the design; then there is of course the grand element of denim , which the designer has been widely known for in the past few months, there’s denim tulle , denim with lace, denim corsets , acid-dyed denim , fringed denim of all sorts. A series of bomber and pants and cargo dresses give an interesting interpretation utility- wear, while the element of pop is very evident through the now famous leather belt mini skirts , the metallic spaghetti strap mini dresses that re-iterated the same notion of last season , and extravagantly constructed denims coats. This season Glenn Martens really made it even clearer that his version of the brand is one where anyone can find a piece for themselves , that still remains unique in the wider scope of things.

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