4 MONCLER HYKE - Heritage and evolution

Hideaki Yoshihara and Yukiko Ode, the authors behind cult Japanese brand HYKE, are purveyors of a distinctive aesthetic that merges minimal design and uttermost function, keeping a refined and rarefied look. Their clean, utilitarian vision and interest in the performance aspect of clothing are an ideal match for the spirit of Moncler. In devising their second Moncler Genius collection, HYKE expanded upon themes from the first season, delving further into the archive to explore pieces such as the 1960 Lionel Terray down coat and other historic Moncler items, reinterpreting them in high-tech fabrics and new craftsmanship techniques. The result is a compact collection that infuses HYKE’s signature pared-down silhouettes and sense of off-kilter pragmatism with Moncler’s down, playing with the layering of lengths and shapes.