8 MONCLER PALM ANGELS Uniforms of non-uniformity

Francesco Ragazzi nurtures an endless fascination for the signs and the tropes of American culture, which he interprets through the distinctive Palm Angels filter: a liberated way of being that glorifies individuality. California stays as an ideal backdrop, grounding a mindset that is laid back and freewheeling, and which in the case of Moncler is captured in the logo featuring a palm in place of the coq, as to signify summer, as a feeling, in the winter. Fall/Winter 2022 is a further assertion of this vision based on a spontaneous reshuffling of codes. Ragazzi looks at the world of iconic American sports such as basketball, hockey, baseball, to imagine a series of sports uniforms worn off the sporting field. The result is resolutely individual and utterly non uniform: a celebration of the energy of dressing as a personal exercise. As ever for Palm Angels, items are created by shifting materials and details from one garment to another, in unexpected ways. The contrast bands and the shiny acetate of Palm’s trademark tracksuit, thereafter, land on the puffy duvet, while graphic emblems like flames and stars turn into precious intarsia on sporty pieces.