Santa Brands - For the Unique Heroine

Founded by Ukranian designer Iana Stanislavka, Santa Brands has become one of the biggest brands for all the girls on instagram. It’s inspired by a bold 2000’s party aesthetic that is playful , sexy yet classy. It offers trendy and sparkly solutions , with small references like feathers, sparkles , and other designs from all eras across fashion. It’s a line that is designed to suit everyone , “the Santa Brands heroine is herself in every way: unique, rebellious and always dancing to her own tune,” explained Stanislavka during an interview… “Every collection is a curated selection of the designs we truly find exciting – and believe our customers will, too. It is not only about the rhinestones, it’s about the energy Santa Brands brings,” she continued. The collection includes a selection of gowns, tops, skirts and accessories that is bound to add an extra oomph to any look.