Her wildness is inspiring, like a tornado combing your hair. She is wild at heart. You can see her speeding through the night on her motorbike, wearing a faux fur stole and black leather pants. Never without a jacket, her second skin, like a protective layer. She is elusive, powerful, and sexy. Feeling invincible she runs away, living in an underground safari, wearing a sparkling zebra crystal net dress. She knows how to enter the dancefloor or throw a party in a garage. She has the energy of an engine, driving the pistons into rotary motion. She loves to have fun, wearing cherries and strawberries in the middle of the winter, just like in a distorted fairytale. She loves to wear beautiful tweed in gold to be splendid in the dark or black velvet pieces to melt into the night, depending on who she wants to be. "Let’s just pretend" is her favourite quote.