MAGDA BUTRYM - First Handbag Collection

As Magda Butrym celebrates and empowers women through the design of her collections, she also understands the need to have some fun, rest the inner Goddess, take a break, and enjoy some deserved time out. The new bag range is simply a treat, not just something to enhance the overall look, but designed with a strong element of fun and vigour to extend one's personality, whether on a weekend getaway with friends or date night dinner. As always, she embraces her heritage. And true to Polish folklore and Slavic cultural roots, the bags are named after Slavic Goddesses and deities to help celebrate the richness of feeling that little extra specialness and confidence when wearing Magda Butrym. She believes that all women are goddesses. Women are powerful, divine, strong, and independent, but equally fun and full of natural energy around one another and the likeminded.