LEMAIRE FW 22 - It’s all about movement

It’s all about movement, walking, racing forward every now and again. The movement of the body in time and space, sweeping along the fabric, the garments, which themselves enliven, release, anticipate and prolong the momentum. Like a chronophotographic series drawn from the research of Etienne-Jules Marey, the runway show sequences successive states, such as the silhouettes whose shoulders and waist descend in step with the stride, the layers which shed volume or swell with downy feathers. The silhouettes move against the massive backdrop, an imaginary landscape from the mind of stage director Philippe Quesne—thirty meters of painted canvas, a memory bathed in the humid, autumnal light of the sun soaking up the sky after the rain. This expansive theater décor sets a poetic scene for the kinetic stream of models and clothing.

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