PRADA FW22 - Body of Work

Body of work was the title of Prada’s latest Fall Winter menswear collection, as it played on the concept of workwear as its baseline. The collection was created around the intention of making pieces that had an everyday significance for people. “We were thinking about meaningful fashion, pieces that make sense. Clothes that make people feel important.The collection celebrates the idea of working—in all different spheres and meanings. It is a practical, everyday thing. But here, you are formally important. You are not casual,” explained Miuccia Prada. This was brought out through leather trench coats of exaggerated proportions with cinched waists, oversized bombers, field jackets with mohair trimmings and other forms of outerwear created on the basis of revamped & volumized everyday wear. The designers created the womenswear collection this season with a nod to Miuccia’s 2000’s era , this featured looks that were simple and sleek. Such as fitted white tank tops with the Prada Triangle logo, single and double breasted jackets, and oversized bombers with mohairs. The collection was all about finding a way to dream and / or be inspired again in a post pandemic world. There were leather trenches in black and shocking pink , perfectly sculpted coat dresses styled elegantly with pearl necklaces, and lots of mesh tank top dresses.

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