Alexander McQueen - Forces of Nature

For Spring Summer 2022, Sarah Burton’s vision was born from a realization during the pandemic about today’s reality as unpredictable and arbitrary as the weather. “There’s that sense that the sky is ever-changing—this constant change that’s uncontrollable. Some days it can be kind of very calm, a very beautiful dappled sky. And then this kind of ferocious sky…and I’ve been thinking about what we've all been through: this constant feeling that you don’t know what the next day is going to be. And how you have to just face it with bravery. The fact is, we’re not in control of the situation. Nature is more powerful than us. Sun, rain, storm—whatever comes, you have to just keep going.”” she explained. With this theme, the collection included a selection of pieces inspired by nature. This included wind blown trench coats , taffeta parka dresses with snow white sleeves, sun yellow tulle dresses and blue and white tie dye dresses that mimic clouds. Each piece, including the shoes and accessories was crafted to be an ode to nature that not only celebrates its traditional beautiful aspects, but is also an appreciation for all the parts we consider unruly.