5 MONCLER CRAIG GREEN - Forms of Protection

Craig Green is the purveyor of visionary pragmatism. By focusing on the way garments perform in different environments and situations, providing the wearer with solutions and tools, Green has shaped an utterly personal lexicon of forms, details and textures that is a natural fit for Moncler’s adventurous spirit, and the idea of clothing meant to be lived in contact with the elements. This is Green’s fifth MONCLER GENIUS collection. Designing for spring, allowed Green to experiment with the lighter side of functionality. The driving concept of the whole endeavor is from the idea of protection and the belief that a single piece of clothing can have more than one function. The collection itself revolves around simple yet bold emergency graphics: the circle and square used in the nautical world are printed onto outerwear and T-shirts, which can be cut away and used as flags. Other graphics used throughout are the map of the world, in which the Moncler logo is crossed with a heart, and the new, streamlined Moncler logo blown up to become completely abstract.