Moncler Palm Angels: raising the bar

Francesco Ragazzi follows a unique yet simple method: he elevates materials, volume or details on a range of classic garments, twisting the familiar into something surprising while retaining function and simplicity. An admirer and avid explorer of American culture, Francesco Ragazzi worked around the idea of the vintage store in devising the 8 MONCLER PALM ANGELS collection: a place where different, even disparate elements mix, and magically come together. Eschewing pre-set seasonal codes, Ragazzi approaches a line-up of archetypes: the puffer jacket, with or without sleeves, is the focus, closely followed by the Hawaiian shirt, the cardigan and the jumper, the tracksuit,the sweatshirt, the Moon Boot. In rethinking such staples, the designer has turned things upside down. For the collection, he has refashioned the signature Moncler logo, replacing the cockerel emblem over the word Moncler with an elegant palm, which also sprouts a pair of angel wings, mirroring the collaboration name. Ragazzi has also launched his first collaboration for Moncler Palm Angels with the iconic Italian brand Moon Boot, transforming the traditional puffer-style boot in a playful and unexpected animal print.