Ginori 1735 - La Compagna Di Caterina

Classic Italian company Ginori 1735 has recently launched its new line of home fragrances called La Compagna di Caterina, with inspiration drawn from the Italian noblewoman from the Medici family .The entourage of Caterina De 'Medici: the Amazon, the Lover, the Man of letters, the Follower, the Favorite, the Friar, the Lady, the Fire Attendant: these are the characters of "La Compagnia Di Caterina" who give life to the first Ginori 1735 home fragrance collection. They have all been designed by Luca Nichetto and contain a scent and design that make them into timeless works of art. The colors chosen make use of a Renaissance symbolism, with shades such as turquoise and antique pink, lapis lazuli, ash black and porcelain white, ending with the orange surface of the clay - typical shades of the ateliers of maître parfumeur and apothecaries, preparers of poisons . The collection also includes three signature fragrances, created exclusively for Ginori by Jean Niel, the oldest French perfume company founded in 1779 in Grasse.

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