The girl with the cowboy hat - The Attico Spring 22

Femininity is, most definitely, a plural act, and we testify to that with the wide-spanning offer we seasonally conceive for The Attico. However, if there is one single trait that defines our woman down deep, but also out there, it is the fierceness and the boldness of doing things as she pleases, oblivious of pre-set codes and rules. The The Attico woman is intuitive, and gutty. For Spring 22, all it takes her to express herself is a cowboy hat: the quintessential one, with a curled brim. She wears it however she prefers as she zooms in and out of situations that have something cinematic about them, like she was rehearsing for a role, or just getting in part for real life: over the futuristic minidress; with the bomber paired with a hoodie and a miniskirt. The same hat lands on the long dress with a high slit and garthers or on the feathered coat. There is something about this peculiar shape of headgear that speaks of freedom, independence, single-mindedness. It is a lot more than a hat: it is an activator of narratives.