Cecilie Bahnsen FW21 - Dreaming of Times Ahead

Emotion and a sense of heart and tactility were the main themes of Danish designer Cecile Bahnsen’s FW21 collection which she achieved through a detailed research of appropriate materials that brought out these emotions. Her classic silhouettes were redefined and recreated in quilted silks with cut-outs, florals and pleats as evolved versions. Each dress was created in a way that seems as if it was composed of different pieces, for example a knit sweater top and a quilted body of a dress were created with a trompe l’oeil technique that appears as if they are separate pieces. They also feature the romance of all her collection with full plush sleeves and a detachable bib. The collection also includes a selection of oversized heavier outerwear pieces in contrast to the delicate feminine to create a level of layers to one’s look. “ I think what fashion can do is transport you, now that you can’t even travel, you can dream of the times to come,” commented the designer on her intentions for the collection .