​​032c 'MARIA' FW21 Collection Campaign

For FW21-22 Berlin based brand 032c crafted a narrative exploring the concept of fantasy with a collection that mirrors a fairytale realm of chess. With a contrasting black & white chessboard as their playground creative directors Joerg & Maria Koch spun a story of a riveting chess game involving Italian Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci & French Dadaist-turned-chess fanatic Marcel Duchamp who both had very different views of life and the world and therefore played ferociously against each other in this imaginary world of theirs. In a similar way, the collection itself was influenced by the complexity and intensity of this game. Scarves, accessories, men’s and women’s shirts and evening wear, square-patterned fabrics in blue and taupe are a formal nod to the chessboard leitmotif. Mock-neck, black patent, and “trompe-l’oeil” printed dresses embody the collection’s roguish spirit. Soft wool knitwear and dense cotton essentials surround the wearer with plush familiarity and potential. Bias cuts and delicate midi hemlines are counterbalanced with protective lambskin and suede in layerable outerwear. The duo’s fairytale like outlook of the collection fruits an abundance of innovative silhouettes using sustainable materials and couture like techniques that give an extra something to everyday wear with interesting splits, warped mind-bending checkered fabrics, reflective fabric parkas and jackets and a selection of fun accessories that carry the story of the collection. 032c’s Maria FW21 collection is now in store and available online.

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