Haus of Honey

Not long ago Italian designer Stefano Miele launched his footwear brand Haus of Honey with a few years of experience working in the luxury fashion industries of New York and Milan and decades of memories of his mother’s footwear shop in a seaside resort in Gaeta, Italy. The brand’s name in itself is a reference to the designer’s roots with Honey being the English translation of his last name Miele and “haus,” a nod to the iconic Bauhaus. Upon the launch of his brand, the trendiness of the glamorous styles pushed for an instant drive in the market as he’s now known for the brand’s iconic wedge sandals that are handcrafted in Italy with Tuscan cork. Each one is unique as it’s adorn with a variety of different colours, patterns and even crystals that give an extra edge to one of the most classic shoe styles of our time. “I love wedges because they are never on trend, they are timeless. In my childhood I’ve always been strongly fascinated by the women populating my home town in the summer with their wedges. They were intriguing men and showing their feminine appeal,” explained the designer. The Haus of Honey collection features the perfect summertime shoes for the woman who wants to remain glamorous while comfortable, which Miele ensures is a common theme that is maintained throughout seasons.